What Our Parents Say:

‘I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with our Stems Educator. She had a whiteboard at the front door today with the activities planned for the kids-and even has a special area all set up for the older children so the babies can’t demolish their artwork today. The kids have made birthday elephants which are on display in the stair well, and there was such lovely things all laid out ready to play with and create with….she really is fabulous and our little one is loving her Stems Educator days.’ Sally, Half Moon Bay.

‘Thank you for your efforts to communicate with us. I have helped many people through conflicts in the workplace and have heard about many situations from a Manager’s perspective on dealing with such matters. I believe that you couldn’t have handled the situation any better on a professional and personal level. As a parent, I felt that I was walked through the process of disengaging each step of the way. Professionally you were able to maintain client centredness by respecting and working in plans to suit the families as they wish.’ Marina, Manukau.
‘Because you have such an incredible understanding of the children in your care and all the extra work you do with them on a daily basis.’ Kate, Highland Park.

‘I personally think you would be an ideal person to attend and benefit from the Conference and I would be only to happy to nominate you as a potential attendee.  You really have an amazing quality as a carer of children, and we would love to see you build on that and gain as much insight as you can in supporting our families with this opportunity provided by Stems FROM HOME.’ Kate, Highland Park.’Thanks for all you do to facilitate, support and encourage this special relationship.’ Michelle, Maraetai.

‘Just also wanted to say how happy we are with the care our Stems Educator provides! She’s awesome with our baby and our older son loves going there! She really treats them as they are her own! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much!’ Margie, Botany Downs.position=’center’]When our oldest get’s back to our Educator’s house after kindy she tries to cram in a whole day of fun into two hours, very cute. The other night when she went to bed she asked if it was only “one more sleep before (Educator’s name) house”. Our baby flaps her arms in excitement when we see our Educator in the mornings so we are very lucky to have found her to look after the girls, thanks so much Emma. Sally, Half Moon Bay.