The Heart

Stems children are at the heart of everything we do on a daily basis.

Once families and In-Home Educators join the Stems FROM HOME Team, they can access social events and participate in a range of other monthly community based learning opportunities. These include weekly Playgroups, Music and Movement sessions and numerous outdoor learning experiences, all underpinned by the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whaariki.

The Body

As each young child is unique, so is each Inhome Educator’s weekly programme for the children in their home for care. Each inhome Educator individually plans regularly for the young children’s learning based upon observations they have made of the children’s current interests, strengths and stretches. Family and whanau will be asked to contribute to this process regularly, as it is vital to work together on each child’s learning and development journey.
A fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher, known as a Stems Learning Advisor will visit each child in each care environment, local to East Auckland and Christchurch at least once a month, to ensure the individual In-Home Educators learning plans and interactions are underpinned by the current curriculum, as well as to offer the Educators support, guidance and a helping hand.

The Tools

As each young child’s learning journey is so unique, it is important that snapshots of individual fun, learning and development are recorded. This needs to be done in a way in which families/whanau and the Stems team can reflect and evaluate where each child has been and where they need to go next, therefore supporting their learning and extending it.
Stems Educators utilise a Daily Education Diary, to ensure basic care routines are communicated between the young child’s home and the care home. This Daily Education Diary will also contain small snapshots of the day’s learning activities and development events as well as nappy changes, toileting, eating, drinking and sleeping patterns. This diary will be viewed by the Stems Learning Advisor regularly.
As an addition, each young child will have their own online Learning Journey Portfolio. This portfolio will be developed between the In Home Educator and their Stems Learning Advisor, as an ongoing visual record of the young child’s early childhood learning and development. This will be completed on a minimum monthly basis and parents will be encouraged to discuss these entries with their chosen Educator as well as participate in it’s development within the child care setting and add their own whanau voice on-line.